Jennifer  Lyman

Jennifer Lyman


Jennifer spent her formative years in the picturesque landscapes of Utah, a place that instilled in her a love for nature and a strong sense of community. She and Craig are the proud parents of four wonderful children along with two beloved French bulldogs.

Currently, she is on an exciting academic journey at Columbia University, where she is pursuing a Master’s in Wealth Management. This program, which she is set to complete in December 2023, has been a transformative experience, equipping her with the knowledge and skills to make a meaningful impact in the field of financial planning and management.

During her time at Columbia, she had the privilege of serving as the President of the Women in Wealth Management Club. This role allowed her to connect with like-minded individuals and champion the importance of diversity and inclusion within the wealth management sector. It was a fulfilling experience that further solidified her dedication to empowering individuals, especially women, in their financial journeys.

Outside of her academic pursuits, she is proud to call Las Vegas home. Here, she finds joy in exploring the city's vibrant culture and being part of a dynamic community. When weekends come around, you will likely find her with her family enjoying the outdoors.

She is excited to continue this journey, applying the knowledge and experiences gained through my education and personal pursuits to positively impact the world of wealth management and, ultimately, the lives of those she has the privilege to serve.